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Alicia Hannen

Alicia lives in Nelson with her daughter Mikala. You can read more about her on her website  

"Funny, I never thought of myself as particularly creative or inventive until I started this journey! It's amazing how life changes.
Over the years, even before I had my daughter, I was fascinated with how people learn. I explored the different types of intelligences and the various ways people learn, looked into alternative styles of education, and have ended up home educating Mikala. I believe learning is 24/7 and is an essential part of living your life, so home educating fits that philosophy for me. 
To help provide Mikala with as many varied 'learning experiences' as possible, I have also set up a Home Educators group ("The Lounge"), for about 15 families in Nelson who are as enthusiastic about their children's education as I am.
My other passion in life is travel and it was natural when we travelled for six months to Europe in 2005 that I would look for ways to keep my daughter learning, as well as busy, during all those hours in airports and on trains etc, as well as waiting for food at cafes and restaurants.  When we got back to New Zealand, I got some good feedback from friends on some of my ideas for a set of travel activity cards.  I decided to take a risk and develop and produce a set of cards myself. I met up with Briggita from IQideas when I was in Auckland on my national marketing trip in 2006; she loved the cards and together with Andrew, we came up with a deal!
I absolutely loved creating the Bust The Boredom Cards, and am now really enjoying working with iQideas, as I am able to focus more on the creative process than on the marketing and distribution side of things - this is their specialty. I definitely have more projects in varying stages of development, and am keenly anticipating working closely with iQideas again!
BTB brings all my skills and passions together: travel, kids, education, fun, creativity, life purpose!"