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Chris Walton

Chris describes himself as a middle-aged "nerd" living in northern Tasmania, Australia.  He is married with two grown-up children, who apparently tolerate him (barely)!  Chris contacted us after his daughter spotted our award-winning iQube for sale in Tasmania and we are currently assesing a number of Chris' other games in the hopes of bringing more of his ideas to market.

"Since I was a school-kid in the 1960's, I've had a fascination with patterns and a desire to produce table-top games based on them. Some of my early attempts were complete disasters, and attracted the unmerciful laughter of people to whom they were shown. But the true inventor is an intrepid soul; and I bided my time...

I also have a love for recreational mathematics, particularly involving geometrical concepts - and ultimately gained a Bachelor of Science degree (from the University of Tasmania, Hobart) with a major in pure mathematics. The university maths subject I enjoyed best was an intriguing third-year unit, simply entitled "Geometry" - which ultimately provided the raw material for a number of game ideas.

My hope is that my geometrical games may be seen as valuable educational aids by schools looking for 'rainy-day lunchtime activities', and even perhaps by university mathematics professors looking for something 'off the beaten track' to spice up their lectures or tutorials!

I have taught and lectured in mathematics in various schools and colleges in Australia since the 1980's. In addition, I worked as a Technical Operator in ABC Radio in Hobart (1974-5), and in the 1980's was a volunteer announcer in community radio in both Hobart and Launceston, specializing in "classical" and "classic rock" music.

I play a somewhat 'bluesy' guitar reasonably well, and have written a number of poems, songs, and instrumental pieces."