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Suitable for Ages 13+




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Receiving rave reviews in Australia!

No matter what your thinking style, Cognition is a game that is guaranteed to test your mental stamina and tickle your funny bone in equal measure!  Desinged by talented (and slightly twisted) Kiwi brothers David & Andrew Akers, Cognition is the perfect game to bring out after Christmas lunch when you have run out of things to say to your family!

What type of thinker are you?  Are you a lateral thinker, a critical thinker, instinctive or destructive?  Would you describe yourself as creative or deductive?  A Mr Spock type or more like The Riddler?  Does your approach to life mirror the sharp analysis of Sherlock Holmes, or the poetry of Shakespeare?  

Ask yourself, how well do you know the person sitting next to you? Are your ESP powers in good shape?  Perhaps you’re a whiz at solving codes but do you have any idea what your car number plate is?  You might be as wise as Yoda, but do you know the names of Frank Zappa’s first two children?

So, if you can combine strategy with smarts, have a bit of luck, can manipulate others without them realising it, have a knack for languages and a memory for things everyone else has forgotten they ever knew, you’re on your way to becoming a Cognition master! Try out some of our example questions below.


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Example questions:

1. LANGUAGE: Translate the following well known saying from double-speak: "Exercise your visual facilities prior to executing a jump."

2. LYRICS & QUOTES: Who told Moby: "you're too old, let go, it's over"?

3. PERCEPTION: Which word is the odd one out: FLOW SNIP TRAP DRAW BACK

4. RIDDLE: What can go up a chimney down, but cannot go down a chimney up?

5. LOGIC: Two girls are born to the same mother on the same day, at the same time, in the same year, and yet, they are not twins. How can this be?

6. MATHEMATICS: Two 6 sided dice are rolled - what is the probablity of rolling a seven?

7. CRYPTIC: It sells food containing Calcium and Iron (4)

8. CODE: Decipher this Irish Proverb: sti netfo a snam htuom that ekorb sih eson.


10. SEQUENCE: Which of these Wars is fictional: Ashanti Invasion of the Gold Coast, War of the Roses, War of the 3 Sanchos, Pastry War, Ladies War?

11. MEMORY: Without looking; what colour underwear do you have on?

"Cognition is fricken awesome!! Funner than Trivial Pursuits! A very competitive game!" - trial customer