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Suitable for Ages 7+



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The  Sailing Boats of Saggimau’ are set to become New Zealand's latest sailing passion - a range of high-end toy boats that are sturdy and durable, yet designed to sail perfectly.

Davilon the Morocat is the first boat in the Saggimau Boat range.  A replica size sailing boat designed for speed, this vessel will delight both children and their parents. No batteries required - just add wind!

It is perfectly balanced and weighted, and all components are made with high quality marine grade parts, including stainless steel fittings and double coated nylon ripstop UV resistant sails.

The first release of Davilon comes complete with a fully illustrated 36-page storybook titled ‘On Plastic Bag Patrol’ featuring the characters from the Land of the Saggimau, written by designer, musician and renowned local sailor Andrew Fagan.


If you would like to order Davilon the Morocat direct, please click on the 'Buy Now' icon above or email  For wholesale pricing options and retailer information, please contact us with details of your request.

 Have a sneak peek into the first Saggimau story book below


View a Video of the Saggimau Boats in Action. Click Play Below!