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IQideas has recently tailored one of its highly successful business consulting programmes so that it can be run as an in-house education course for Intermediate or High School Children.

The content has been developed by IQideas and teaches a structured process that can be followed in the real world to achieve business and personal success.

Follow the link (here) to read feedback from actual business owners who have benefited from applying the skills and knowledge taught as part of the PRIDE Programme.

The objective of the programme is for participants to learn critical thinking and problem solving skills and for them to apply these skills directly. In doing so participants will gain knowledge and understanding of a broad range of business practices and benefit from the practical application of this knowledge.

Participants are required to identify and overcome specific real world issues by following a structured process for developing products, programmes and strategies that address these issues. Their strategies will be developed around a framework of critical thinking and good business practice.

Strategies will include the creation, design and development of new products, programmes, and ideas that overcome issues or challenges currently being faced by the participants or society. Participants are encouraged to think as broadly as possible and focus on addressing issues that impact the greatest numbers.

At the end of the programme participants will have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the innovation cycle and how it can be practically applied to address specific real world issues. Participants will have developed a product, programme or strategy of their own and explored all aspects of its development including such things as manufacturing (if applicable), design, branding, business planning, value creation and communication to relevant stakeholders.

The programme is run over 10 weeks – 10 contact hours (1 hour per week), and requires an additional 2 hours work for each contact hour – 30 hours in total.

Contact Andrew Baker by email on andrewbaker(at) or by phone on 06 877 9258 to find out more about this exciting new programme. Presentation slides, session details, examples, activities and trainers notes for Section 1 - Problem Solving, are available for download and review on request. 


The Benefits of Entrepeneurship Programmes


These Kids Mean Business - External Link

"Entrepreneurship projects, are first and foremost, experiential education, they fill a vacuum that many people, many young people feel that they need.  And they're voting with their feet.  They're leaving school in droves, if you look at the dropout rate, and the principle reason for the dropout rate, according to research we and others have done, is that kids just don't like the regimentation for the school, and they're crying out for experiential learning opportunities." 
- Andrew Hahn
. The Heller School, 
Brandeis Universitye apologise for the fact that this page is currently undergoing a revision.  In the meantime, if you would like further information on our range of educational products & pricing, or copies of lesson plans for our games, please email us at customerservices(at)IQideas.comIf you would like to be included in our mailing list for newsletters and updates on products for Educators, please use the Contact Us tab above. We look forward to hearing from you. In the meantime,

IQideas Educational Products - Feedback from Teachers

Here's what others in the Education field are saying about our award winning Kiwi designed products:

The Amazing Mammoth Hunt

"I was so impressed that I purchased one of each of the Hunt range.  It is the most popular before school activity."

Kathy Jenkins, Teacher, Blenheim

The Terrific Tuatara Trail

"My students had no idea history could be some much fun! The lesson plan gave me some great ideas on how I can use the game throughout the year.  What a great resource!"

Jean C, Supply Teacher, Auckland

The Amazing Moa Hunt

"When I first played the game and first saw it was when my teacher got it for our school.  It just blew my mind and I got to know all the places a lot better than before."

Jessica W, Student, Gisborne

Bust the Boredom Cards

"We are home-schooling our three children and we are so pleased with the games.  The kids love being able to decide which card we do that day."

Kerri, Home Schooler, Takaka