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Game Inventors


When we were thinking about the best way to bring our very first product to market, we made a couple of approaches to the ‘big boys’ in the toy and game industry.  We either got rudely knocked back or completely ignored.  So we decided to do it the hard way – all by ourselves!


We’ve never forgotten what that felt like, so we now hope to offer an avenue for other inventors to find out if their product has got the ‘winning formula’ to make it to market.  We welcome product ideas, concepts and prototypes, and will make every effort to treat people who approach us with honesty and respect.  So, although we can’t guarantee your product will be the right one for our range, we’re happy to hear about it.


Send your ideas or enquiries to customerservices(at)  and let us take a look at them for you.




Meet our Designers


To find out more about the people who helped develop our current range

of products, click on the link to their biography.  We hope their stories inspire you!


Alicia Hannen (Bust the Boredom)


Romina Marinkovich (Moa Hunt & Goanna Hunt)


Chris Walton (Foursite)


Andrew Baker (miQube)




For a limited time you can enter your game invention in the Great New Zealand Game Design Competition. Click Here for more details.