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A therapeutic tool for therapists, psychologists, teacher, and other professionals supporting children who are dealing with a range of personal life issues

Bullying Topic Card Set Now Available!




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This innovative, ground-breaking game encourages young people to open up and gently begin first conversations around sensitive topics. The game is intended to be used with a professional or support person who the child feels comfortable with, such as a social worker, family support worker, teacher, psychologist, or counsellor. The game comes with detailed  instructions and notes about how best to use it safely and effectively with a young person.


Getting Stronger is designed to be played with any of the topic cards available in the Getting Stronger Topic Series. This means the game can be used for a wide range of difficult life topics just by using different card sets. In this way, it can be easily tailored to the unique needs of young clients, either individually or as a group.


The first topic card sets available are for those:

  1. who have witnessed, or been impacted by, domestic violence
  2. with a family member who has an addiction
  3. with a family member who has a mental illness
  4. with a family member who has a serious illness or injury
  5. who have had someone close to them who has died
  6. who are affected by a disaster 

New topics will be added regularly, including; bullying, living with learning disabilities, when a family member’s in prison and when a family member has a brain injury.


The Getting Stronger Game...

  • is colourful, durable, well tested and engaging
  • uses evidence-based research and specialist expertise
  • incorporates challenge, fun, reward and affirmation with very important ideas and resilience skills
  • includes question cards, a spinner, tokens to earn, and body pieces to collect
  • offers a carefully designed mix of questions requiring simple, short responses or more reflective, self revealing answers
  • enables young clients and the professional to play together and build trust
  • enables young clients to play with others in a group and get to know each other
  • is well organised and straight forward to set up and play
  • takes 20 - 30 minutes and can be replayed several times, with plenty of questions.


For more infomation on the Getting Stronger game please contact either the Skylight Foundation directly or IQideas Customer Services by clicking on this link -  contact us


If you would like to talk to IQideas about designing a tailor made board game for your organisation please contact