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Our Story So Far...

IQideas Ltd was born on a plane trip back to New Zealand from the Melbourne Toy Show in April 2005. The first draft of the company business plan was scribbled on the back of a sick bag, but we like to think we have become a little more sophisticated since then.


Our first product was originally called the iQube™. After we had gone to the trouble of securing the trademark for Australia and New Zealand, the name was changed to miQube™ once we discovered there was also a puzzle for dogs with the same name!


The original iQube™ was invented by company founder Andrew Baker when he was training to be a maths teacher in the early 1990s. Andrew came up with the basic puzzle component of the game as part of an assignment to find a fun way of teaching mathematical concepts to children. After graduation, however, his project languished in an old shoe box and it wasn’t until Andrew became a father, a few years ago, that he realized the huge need for quality educational toys.


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As a parent, Andrew felt frustrated at the poor standard and limited usage of many of the plastic toys on the market. So the iQube™ re-emerged from its shoebox and was reborn as miQube™, complete with four boardgames that could be played with the 13 pieces of the original puzzle. This was the product that we took to our first trade show in Melbourne and from these humble beginnings, a company was born.


IQideas now has dozens of products available in markets around the world. In New Zealand we have a team of professional sales agents who promote our products directly to the retail market, and a growing fan base of parents and teachers who welcome our products into their homes and schools. In 2009 we began to promote a select range of licensed products from other quality New Zealand game developers alongside the games we develop in-house.


Globally we sell through a network of international distributors. We currently have distributors in Australia, USA, UK, Asia, The Middle East and parts of Europe. We also have a warehouse in Germany from which we supply a small number of European retailers directly.



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Communications  Asian Markets Director General Manager

Jane Cotty Murray McLauchlan
Andrew Baker Briggita Baker

If you would like to join our growing team to bring high quality, original, educational products to the world, on either a local or international level, please send us an email via the 'Contact Us' page of this website