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Suitable for Ages 3-12




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These 2cm x 2cm durable wooden blocks will engage early learners through to intermediate students in stimulating mathematical game-play (maths games), making it a fun experience for both teacher and pupil.   The 108 colourful wooden blocks are accompanied by a booklet containing a series of activities, exercises and math games which teach students a range of key mathematical and statistical concepts based on the New Zealand, UK and Australian Maths curriculums. These activities are equally applicable for all countries and cultures however.

Ages: 3 - 12 years, 1 - multiple users & teams. Lesson plan included in bag.

  • A great way to develop numeracy skills 
  • A range of stimulating multi-level maths games and activities included in lesson plan booklet 
  • Perfect for all learning styles, but particularly kinesthetic learners
  • Durable wooden blocks will withstand the rigors of classroom use

Sample from the 18 page lesson plan booklet

If you would like to bulk order Number Blocks for your school or classroom please contact us with details of your request.