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Romina Marinkovich

Romina lives just out of Auckland with her husband Carl and two teenage daughters.  She originally read about IQideas Ltd in a business magazine that her father-in-law showed her, and approached us with her game, The Amazing Moa Hunt.  We loved it so much that we asked Romina to work with us on an Australian version of the game for our Aussie customers, The Great Goanna Hunt, and she is now developing a world version for the international market called The Amazing Mammoth Hunt.  

"Carl and I decided to home school our two daughters when they were young and ended up teaching them for nine years, which we both thoroughly enjoyed. 


With the girls deciding to go to school in their high school years, I was left with some never-before experienced free time, so the back burner projects came out from the dark depths of the wardrobe. Moa Hunt is one that got to see the light of day.


The Amazing Moa Hunt is the game I was looking for but couldn't find, so, like many home schooling parents, who need a resource that doesn't exist, I made it myself. My hand drawn version was rough and ready, but served us well. The end product was tested by friends and family who gave their valuable suggestions and encouragement. Like me, they believed it was about time for Kiwi families to have a truly fun Kiwi game about New Zealand."


Romina is also a talented artist and developed her own gift card range, which she sells to boutique outlets around New Zealand.