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miQube boardgame and puzzle
miQube boardgame and puzzle
 Suitable for Ages 7+ 




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Looks like a puzzle, plays like a boardgame!  The miQube™ Boardgame & Puzzle is our flagship award winning three dimensional mind challenge, comprising of four strategic boardgames and a deceptively simple looking puzzle.  It is available through our network of international distributors and retailers throughout the USA, Asia and Europe.

  • Silver Honour Medal from the Parents' Choice Foundation (USA)
  • Develops mathematical concepts and spatial reasoning skills - a great maths game for non mathematical kids
  • Perfect for all ages and stages - 7 years to adult, 1-4 people 
  • Durable wooden design – will last a lifetime
  • Unplug your kids from their computer games now!
  • Lesson plan available for classroom use - for use as a maths game in Years 1-6

Master this game and you are ready to take on the others.  Dominate the board with your selected colour, while second guessing your opponent’s every move.

Link each of your placements as you ‘advance’ across the board, fighting to capture both position and territory as you go.  The ultimate game of strategy, foresight and cunning.

Using only one game colour, players need to think several steps ahead to prevent their opponent from making a move.  Victory goes to the ‘last man standing’. 

miQubeConnect Five
A new spin on an old favourite.  Head-to-head competition, requiring the ability to think strategically on three levels – not for the fainthearted!

Assemble the 13 unique pieces into a perfect six-sided cube.  Sounds simple, but the catch is that every side needs to be the same colour and there is only one solution! 

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